3Kultur on the Canaries


Spanish Courses on the Canary Islands (3Kultur en Canarias)

Target Audience: any person over 18, who wants to make a break (specially from the coldest winter days) to enjoy a pleasant sunny week while learning Spanish on any of the gorgeous island of the Canarian Archipelago
Number of lessons per module: 5 (4 daily hours) = 20 module hours
Module Length: about a week. 
Schedule: Mo – Fr 09.00 – 13.00
Price: The price includes Course Fee + Airline Ticket + 4/5 Hotel with half or full board

Important InformationOur next trip is scheduled for Februbary 4 -12, 2012. The island, hotel and prices are still to be determined.

Description: The idea of this module on the Canary Islands is for participants to practice Spanish in real communicative situations. Participants will have the opportunity to talk to those Spaniards who will be around them during their one-week stay. The departure is usually on Friday night or Saturday morning, so participants will have the freedom to enjoy a bit by themselves before starting the module on Monday. The return is usually on Saturday night or Sunday.

Two of our workers always fly with the group as the best way to guarantee full personalized attention. Besides the Spanish course, other activities are arranged, there may include tours, sports, parties or whatever our students suggest.

The module on the Canary Islands is often offered during fall/winter semester as a way to give participants a break from „gray days.“ It is important to point out that the temperature on the islands can reach the 30ºC during this period of time.

We have experienced that our participants are more likely to learn faster during the one-week module on the Canarian Islands due to some reasons:

1) The input of the language is intensive since they are in a Spanish speaking environment

2) They receive classes everyday

3) They are completely relaxed since they are away from their daily routine

Do you need more reasons to learn Spanish on the Canary Islands? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly give you a thousand more!!!

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